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EXCLUSIVE: Kimberley Town Council Exonerated: Will Soubry Apologise?

Last month, following a disastrous BBC Radio 4 news appearance where she defended Lord Freud’s claims that disabled people don’t deserve the minimum wage, our local MP tweeted the following:


Sound advice. Though perhaps she might to use it to guide her own rushes to judgements.

Over Summer, Soubry stirred up a big row in Kimberley by accusing  Kimberley Town Council (KTC) of mismanagement:

.. there is concern that the Council’s reserves have all but
been spent and Councillors are consistently denied financial
I have already written to the district auditors and will take up all allegations with the
Borough Council’s legal department. It now appears there will be a by-election for the two
vacancies and I hope voters will exercise their right and send a clear message to the
controlling Labour group that they are out of order, undemocratic and spending tax payers’
money irresponsibly.

Wump! So, in due course, auditors were called in, took apart the council’s finances and reported today that…well, nothing. They were given a glowing bill of health, and found to be a rather staggering £261,781.00p (304% of its precept) in the black. They were deemed to have acted transparently and democratically throughout. Months of being under suspicion of corruption is over, and the council members at last released from the limbo that the allegation has put them under.

So why did Anna do this? It seems bizarre that she should so brazenly band about allegations that undermine a council, on grounds that now look utterly baseless. Resources have been spent to reach a conclusion that is the antithesis of Soubry’s claims.

Perhaps she was influenced? Could it be she made these allegations after being persuaded that KTC were corrupt by members of Kimberley Resident’s Association (KRA), at the time headed up by local fascist thug Darren Warner? Warner doesn’t like being called a fascist, and made legal threats last time he made the news, but any man who loves the BNP and sticks stuff up on batshit-nazi website Nottingham Patriot is a fascist, period.

He was bigged up by Soubry on her website at the time, which seems at odds with her admittedly admirable stance on far-right politicians and parties.

I’ve asked her before if she thinks its right that she was consorting with a racist idiot like Warner, but naturally, no response. Kimberley Town Council will be demanding an apology off her when they publicly announce the auditors finding tomorrow: I don’t think they should hold their breath.

So this advice to establish facts before rushing to judgement? Perhaps this wasn’t a statement, rather, as one reply on Twitter to her tweet put it



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7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Kimberley Town Council Exonerated: Will Soubry Apologise?

  1. It is also worth mentioning that the positions for the vacant council seats were advertised and there was only one applicant who was one of the two Green councillors who stepped down in the first place. Presumably Kat Boettge is no longer concerned about ‘corruption’ and the council “not being democratic” since she has her old role back.

    I wonder if she will apologise to the council for her accusations and almost wasting thousands of pounds of residents tax money to pay for a by-election 6 months before the whole council is to be re-elected anyway. She and her fellow ex-councillor David Kirwan have demonstrated that they are more interested in playing politics than running a council.

    • J Bryant on said:

      Absolutely spot on Chris. Soubry consorts with these strange bedfellows for personal gain and has now proven what a pointless waste of space she realy is.
      John B – Labour Voter

  2. I look forward to our MP’s retraction and apology …..but not with expectation

  3. Trevor Cast on said:

    Soubry apologise, when porky pig flies.

    • John Bryant on said:

      Trevor is of course perfectly right as well as Soubry will not apologise as she is actually an apology for an MP. Come back Nick Palmer Quick!!
      John Bryant

      • John Bryant on said:

        Yes we were all right. According to a local “newspaper” today, Soubry, rather than apologise, has tried to blame the people that approached her at a public meeting. Using her own guidelines, shouldn’t she have checked the information was correct before leaping headlong into print. She will do anything to allegedly win votes but rest assured, those of who don’t and won’t vote for her will make sure the truth is out there for the voters to read during the 2015 election campaign. We won’t need huge amounts of donated money to expose her hypocracy.
        John Bryant
        Labour voter

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